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First and foremost, the office staff is attentive and were able to set up an appointment with Attorney Briasco quickly. Attorney Briasco went out of her way to fit me in and worked after hours to review my legal matter. She was a beacon of hope when I was in a really difficult place and my options seemed limited. She opened doors and windows for me that nobody else had found in almost 5 years! She was calm, knowledgeable, and empathetic which is exactly what I needed. She even saved me time and unnecessary costs. I am eternally grateful for her service and would recommend her without hesitation.
Misty C.


I would give ten stars to Ms. Fennell and her legal team if I could. Her attention to detail is second to none as she is not only an outstanding lawyer, top notch investigator, but ultimately she became a family friend. I will always be grateful to Caryn and her legal team as she comes with the highest form of recommendation from me.
Alex R.


This firm is the best. The staff is very nice. They all do anything to help clients and made sure my case finished without unnecessary hearings and fees. Ms. Fennell took the time to explain everything to me and gave me more information just in the consultation than any other lawyer I talked to. I could not be happier with the results of my case. I highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for a passionate group of people who care about their clients.
Wayne P.


Caryn helped my entire family after my sister suddenly died and my niece was orphaned a few days later when her father to died to. Caryn worked wonders for my family and my niece. I will forever thank her for what she did for all of us. I’ve had too many lawyers but Caryn is the top gun.
Richard C.


My husband and I cannot say enough about Caryn and Lacey and this firm. They helped my husband with his custody cases (yes more than one). They run such a great firm. It is always warm and welcoming and when you walk in you feel like you are at home. I always feel important because there are so many great people at this firm that there is always someone who is able to help us. They return calls quickly, answer questions quickly and are they care enough to always be prepared and knowledgeable about your case at all times. Unlike other firms i have used when you feel the lawyers don't really know your case or are too busy to really help you, these guys always have someone available to help you and the lawyers know their stuff. Our favorite person (other than our lawyers of course) is Paige who answers our calls - she is very kind and always helpful. Melissa our paralegal was wonderful and knowledgeable. I can't say enough about her and the rest of the group. I would rather not need a lawyer but if i do i am using this firm 100% of the time. Thank you
Candi B.


When I met Ms. Fennell and her team I had four felony charges by my wife, a TPO and lost my girls. I felt hopeless and terrified. I knew she was trying for a long time to frame me for something so she would win custody and she told neighbor friends about her plans long before she finally did it. It is scary how fast my life changed and how easy it was for her to take everything from me. it took 18 months to straighten it out. The criminal charges were dismissed and the TPO dismissed. The only thing left is custody of my girls but that is in the judge’s hands after the guardian saw through my wife’s lies and alienation of my girls from me and my family. Take your case seriously and hire Ms. Fennell and her team if you are charged with crimes and are being kept from your children because of a vindictive wife. Fight for your children and let Caryn help you. She knows what she is doing. Without her, I would still be facing felony charges. I would have lost my girls forever and my wife would have gotten away with the biggest con of her life. I owe my life and sanity to Ms. Fennell’s firm. Don’t look for anyone else. Most lawyers don’t know how to do what she does. She is passionate about these cases and her entire staff is invested in getting it right. Thank you to everyone over there.
I hired Caryn twice in the few years because of I saw her in the courtroom in Cobb county one day and she was unbelievably good. She knew the details of her case and the judge kept nodding his head when she spoke. I asked the guy sitting next to me who she was and he said that she was his wife’s lawyer and she was worth every penny they paid to have her help them in their case. I chased her down the hall and asked for her card. I hated to need a lawyer but I am glad I hired Caryn and her staff. They are wonderful and they don’t put up with bad people. She once told me she would rather fire a client than work for someone who is a bad person and I believe her. It is impossible to not like Caryn and her firm and if someone does it is probably because they are just a bad person. She was worth every dollar I ever paid her. I am just glad I caught her before she got on the elevator that day because I would never want a different lawyer. Thank you Caryn and your team.
Graham M


From the very first phone call to the office to the conclusion of my case Ms Briasco was able to answer any question posed to her in timely and professional manner. I immediately knew my case was in the best hands possible. We were able to get my case resolved to my satisfaction in spite of the chaos created by the COVID-19. This office works as a team and it shows in the winning results they get for their clients. The level of professionalism blended with the caring attitude is perfection. You are not just a case, you are person.
Andy J.
I hired Caryn to represent me in my recent divorce. As anyone who has been through a divorce knows, these situations are tough as they are fraught with emotion (on both sides). By bringing her deep knowledge of the law and related procedures together with compassion and empathy, Caryn and her helpful team supported me through a difficult decision and listened to what I wanted and needed while ensuring at all times that I was protected and thinking about things objectively even when it was hard to do. Having known Caryn personally for many years, I know without a doubt that she is a consummate professional who works hard for her clients and brings considerable intellectual resource and dedication to any case she takes on. I highly recommend Caryn for any family or criminal defense need.
Jarrett K.


I wish my children were not constantly involved in legal battles my ex-wife creates, but they are. It all makes me sick for them but i could not have picked a better legal team than Caryn and her staff. She is so good at planning out a path for every client that makes sense for their case. I have had some that Caryn was heavily involved and others that her staff handled mostly, but all were masterminded by Caryn to make sure I would win and save money at the same time. I could not recommend a better lawyer for people battling against their ex for their children which as Caryn says, is my most precious asset. I would rather not need a lawyer and I would rather never have to pay lawyer fees, but since I do, then I am so glad this is my firm. Caryn makes sure she uses her whole team to save you money so you are paying lawyer time for administrative work. She balances your emotional needs with your financial budget. Hiring a lawyer to solve your problems is VERY expensive, but Caryn and her team try to save you money and solve your problems for half the cost of other lawyers. Hiring her is a no brainer. Thank you everyone at Caryn’s Firm. My family and I love you. YOU ARE THE BEST!


Caron, Lacey, and their team were wonderful to work with. It takes a very special heart and skill set to do this type of work with emotionally fragile clients (and I work in psychiatry!), and I was blown away with their pristine level of service and professionalism. If you are looking for the best team to help you get one of the most difficult experiences ever-divorce- here they are:)
Fallon J.


BOTTOM LINE Fennell knows her stuff. Her group is excellent. Hire her NOW. Fennell will not let you down or overspend your money and I promise she is half the cost of other lawyers for twice the work. I would rather not had legal problems but thank god I had Fennell and her team on my side to solve the problems. She gets custody problems and is the best lawyer i ever hired. I love this group and am thankful my friend connected me to her. Truly, she is the best lawyer around.


Caryn did an excellent job on my case. She was professional, communicative, and thorough. She did an amazing job of getting things done in a timely manner, and is extremely well versed in the law. I highly recommend her services.


Attorney Fennell and her staff are extremely professional, copious and skilled at what they do. Representation from this firm was well thought out and exact. Attorney Fennell and her staff, Kelly, Laurie and LeAnn are all very personable and are adept at making a stressful life event more manageable. They will most definitely be on my Christmas card list.


Caryn and her team of professionals provide top-notch service. Caryn will do whatever it takes to get to the truth and has an unparalleled passion for the law and seeing that it is adhered to at all times. I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case.