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Holiday Trip

Family Trip Ideas for the Holidays

The 2018 holiday season is upon us!

Holiday songs are playing loudly on the radio and for those of us in northern states, snow is falling faster than prices on Black Friday.

This time of year is an exciting one that many people enjoy, but it can also be hectic and full of many activities. During the holidays, kids are often out of school and parents sometimes have additional time off of work. This makes the holidays a great time to get away for a while and go on a trip.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of the best family vacations to take during the holidays. And, we’ve also included some ideas for having fun holiday family trips when you aren’t able to go too far from home.

Best Winter Family Trips

When school is out, it’s the perfect time to get the family together to make some memories and get away from it all. These trips are ones that the whole family is likely to enjoy. If you’re able to plan a bigger trip this year, you might want to check some of these places out.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the best family-friendly trips to take during the holiday season.

1: Walt Disney World-Orlando

There are so many theme parks in Orlando which makes this location ideal for a fun-filled trip. Other than Disney world, there is also Universal Studios. Kids of all ages will enjoy these parks. And, if you’re coming from a snowy place, it will be a nice reprieve to enjoy better weather.

2: Disneyland and San Diego

San Diego and Anaheim also have warmer temperatures in the winter. You can take the family to Disneyland to enjoy family-fun and amusement park rides. Also, you can take a visit down to the beach while you’re there or enjoy downtown San Diego when you’re not at Disneyland.

3: Aspen, Colorado

While it’s always a good time to enjoy warmer temperatures during the winter, sometimes you want to embrace that holiday winter feeling. Aspen is perfect for this type of family vacation. You can enjoy the winter wonderland and take the family skiing or even take a quaint horse and carriage ride around downtown Aspen.

4: Hawaii

Sometimes, you just need a tropical getaway. To escape the winter blues, a trip to Hawaii is just the ticket. You’ll be enjoying the beaches and the rich cultural history of Hawaii. You could even have the family try surfing or take everyone for a hike to get some stunning views of the island.

Trips Closer to Home

While everyone loves to get away on a big family trip, it isn’t always possible to do so every year. So, if you want to enjoy quality family time but don’t have the ability or budget to travel across state lines, you can get creative with what is in your area.

Some ideas for family trips that are less expensive include:

1: Explore a nearby city.

You could take a trip to a nearby city, or even your own city, and try out some new things you never have before. You could even get a hotel room for just one night to have the experience of a vacation without all the effort and travel time. Try a new restaurant or new activity with your family and make some memories.

2: Go to a holiday-themed event in your area.

Every city has their own traditions and annual events that go on during the holiday season. You could start a new tradition by finding a new event such as ice skating, a winter market, or whatever else is popular in your area. You can take a day trip that the family will enjoy but that doesn’t take up too much time or spend too much money.


Planning is Key, but most of all, Remember to Appreciate and Enjoy Time with Family

There are so many ways to make family memories during the holiday season. While this time of year can go by in a flash, it’s important to start planning as soon as possible if you want to go on a longer trip. And, if a longer trip isn’t in your plans this year, you can always stick closer to home and still enjoy some quality time with your kids. Sometimes, making memories is more worthwhile than all the presents in the world.

And just in case holiday stress gets the best of some less pleasant members of your family and you find yourself needing a little legal counsel, the team at Fennell, Briasco, and Associates is here to help.