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A Happy Holiday For The Family Of Divorced Parents

The holiday season isn’t fun for every family. Not every household has a stereotypical cookie-cutter family. And that doesn’t mean a happy holiday season is out of reach for such families, but it does mean that the holidays can put a bit of strain on them. Perhaps your family is experiencing this situation, and you might be a little bit worried about the holidays. You may be divorced from the other parent of your children and won’t have your children on the day of a major holiday this season, which can be very difficult. Even divorced parents who remain on good terms can struggle to deal with this time of year. Co-parenting is a 24/7 struggle all year long, but it can be particularly tough during December. You might even feel pressured to work hard to keep your children happy and create some semblance of a conventional family for them over the holiday season.

‘If you are feeling more overwhelmed than usual during the holidays, then you might want to seek help from a family law attorney. Perhaps you and your partner are already separated or divorced, but your holiday schedule isn’t working. Experienced law firms can help your family in many ways other than just the divorce process. A family lawyer can help you enjoy the holiday season by assisting in negotiating arrangements that suit both the parents and the children. An experienced family law attorney can help you on an emotional level, as well as a financial level. And that’s exactly why this law firm is the right option for you. Whatever your current family situation, we have professionals who can help to ensure that you and your loved ones improve your relationships with one another and, additionally, improve your relationship with the holiday season.

Family lawyers specialize in many aspects of divorce and custody-based law, so they could help you in multiple areas. Perhaps you need financial support to deal with the many costs that you and your family are facing during this expensive time of the year. You may want to ensure that you can create a nice meal for everyone or to buy some memorable gifts for your children, but may not have the extra funds to do it. If you don’t get the necessary support from the other parent of your children, then one of Fennell, Briasco & Associates experienced family law attorneys could help you by arranging adequate child support payments. This is an important part of the divorce process because you still need to ensure that your family is supported. That applies for every season of the year, but it’s particularly important during the December holidays.

You should also make sure that you’ve arranged appropriate visitation rights. Remember, when children are involved, you have to think about their needs. Though your relationship with their other parent might be over, you should still ensure that they get to see both of their parents over the holiday season. With experienced legal help, you could come to an arrangement that allows your kids to spend adequate time with both parents for holiday celebrations. This will make the holiday season more special for them. So, to have a happy holiday as a family after a divorce, think about everybody involved. The key is to move forward in a healthy way. If you can do that, then every member of your family can start to view the holiday season in a positive light.

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Yes. Our team of family law attorneys can assist you with your Contested Divorce with our extensive knowledge of local Georgia laws regarding this particular side of divorce.

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We do. The Law Firm of Fennell, Briasco & Associates has certified mediators on our team that can help you take a step in the right direction before you begin your divorce proceedings. We also provide representation during mediation when other mediators are used.