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2018 Summer Travel Tips for Your Family

A summer vacation or a road trip can be a lot of fun but when the entire family is traveling, you will have some serious responsibility. Where will you travel, how will you get there, what will you do and what’s needed to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone? Doing some preliminary work will help you answer these questions and have the time of your life.


When’s the Best Time for a Summer Vacation?

The answer really depends on the destination that you’ve chosen. One thing to keep in mind is that summer resorts tend to be pretty busy in the period from the middle of June to the end of August. There will be huge crowds and the cost of accommodation could also increase in that time period.

Many families prefer off-season travel; either in the very beginning of the summer or in early fall. For a start, there will be a bigger number of available accommodation options to choose from. In addition, resorts tend to be more peaceful and more affordable before and after the peak of the season.


The Best Destination is?

The outcome of your family vacation will be heavily dependent on choosing the right destination.

If you have very young kids, you may want to stick to nearby resorts. Airplane transportation and long car rides can be a total disaster with a little one onboard. In case you want to travel, you should be prepared with lots of entertainment and snacks. Numerous kid-friendly pit stops will also be needed along the way so think about these in advance.

To choose your holiday destination itself, think about the activities the family enjoys. Would you like to be lounging all day on the beach? Do you prefer a more active vacation that includes sports and nature exploration? Or maybe you prefer the coolness and the green shade of the mountains in the summer?

Your budget, the amount of time you can take off work, the comforts and amenities you’re used to and prior travel experiences will all help you make up your mind.


Get Kids Involved in the Process

Family trips are all about creating new memories and bonding with each other. This is why kids should be given a prominent role in the planning process.

Let your kids take the lead in terms of destination and activity selection. When there, you can also base the adventures and the fun things you do on kid preferences.

Make sure you have a small, readily usable camera that you can entrust in the capable hands of youngsters. They’ll have a lot of fun documenting the experience and you will be giving them something to keep themselves occupied with over a longer period of time.

In essence, kids should be dictating the speed of the day. The adrenaline and excitement will make them quite energetic in the very beginning. Help them make the best use of the available energy while exploring those new surroundings.


Think about Health and Safety

While vacations give you a chance to unwind, you shouldn’t forget about key practical considerations. It’s better to be over-prepared than to suffer an emergency away from home.

Vacation insurance is a must for families. The same applies to bringing a medical kit. Some of the key supplies include anti-pain medications, aspirin and ibuprofen, bandages, anti-bug spray, antihistamines, heartburn medication, anti-diarrhea medications, antifungal, and antibiotic creams, to name a few. If a family member suffers from a chronic medical condition, make sure that you have enough of their treatment medicine.

The choice of clothes and accessories should also ensure safety and comfort. Hats and sunglasses are needed in the intense sun. the same applies to sunscreen. When going to a mountain resort, always bring a warm jacket along because nights could get chilly. A pair of walking boots will also be required for each family member.

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Set Realistic Expectations

As excited as they will be in the very beginning, kids are easily distracted. As a result, you may have to throw the entire preliminary plan out the window.

Go with the flow and change the plan on the basis of family member moods and energy levels. Chances are that you will not see all of the sights that you want to. Chances are that one of the kids will get a fever or they’ll react poorly to a certain food.

Don’t stress out and set realistic expectations. What matters is being together and taking some time away from your usual surroundings. Even if you don’t accomplish everything, the experience will still be a memorable one.