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Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation can be an effective way for couples to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently, without needing to attend a court hearing. Known as a form of alternative dispute resolution, mediation can be used to resolve a variety of issues, such as custodial agreements, financial settlements, and alimony.

Many people assume that separation, divorce, or annulment always means a lengthy court battle. In fact, there are numerous ways to avoid an acrimonious battle following the breakdown of a relationship. If you want to resolve disputes with your long-term partner without duelling it out in court, take a look at some of the benefits mediation can offer.

The family lawyers at Fennell, Briasco & Associates have laid out the advantages of mediation in this article. Read on to learn more about the pros of mediation.

Safe and Confidential

Your safety is always a top priority, so you can be sure that mediation will provide a supportive and safe environment in which to resolve any issues you may have. If you have concerns regarding your safety due to the conduct of your ex-partner, be sure to let your family law attorney know in advance.

Your divorce lawyer will determine how mediation sessions can be adapted to minimize any risks to your safety. For example, parties may have separate sessions with a mediator, as opposed to joint sessions if there is a concern regarding safety.

Divorce mediation is always carried out in the presence of a neutral third-party (the mediator) and, in a majority of cases, they are a qualified family lawyer. As you might expect, confidentiality is assured throughout the process.

Avoid the Courtroom

Going to court can be a stressful process, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with the inside of a courtroom. Furthermore, waiting for a court date can mean it will take weeks or months for the issue to be resolved.

When you choose divorce mediation, you have the potential to avoid the courtroom altogether. This enables you to resolve matters more quickly and ensures you can move on without a court date looming over you. For parents, the collaborative approach offered by mediation also creates a great basis for cohesive and amicable parenting plans in the future.

Save on Costs

People assume that obtaining a divorce is always costly. Indeed, costs can spiral if litigation is drawn out and both parties are eager to schedule numerous court dates to resolve issues along the way. As well as paying a divorce lawyer for representation at each court date, you’ll also be required to pay for court fees and case preparation.

With divorce mediation, however, the associated costs are far lower. Although your family lawyer will certainly work with you to prep your case in advance, you may be able to avoid paying to representation at numerous Court dates. This will significantly reduce your legal fees and the overall cost of your separation.

Contact A Local Divorce Mediator Today

Before you decide whether mediation is right for you, it’s important to get sound advice from a family lawyer. By assessing your case and individual circumstances, a divorce lawyer can tell you what your rights are and what outcomes you can expect.

To learn more about divorced mediation or to discuss your separation in more detail, contact Fennell, Briasco & Associates at (770) 956-4030.