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Child Support Attorney

The Best Child Support Resources in Georgia

Divorce can be a messy and prolonged affair. When you bring children into the mix, things get even more complicated. If you are currently dealing with GA child support filings or obligations, you need a lawyer that can help you navigate these confusing legal procedures. A child custody attorney is beneficial to have for when things get heated in the agreement drafts between you and your spouse.

If you are just now entering the confusing path down child support filings, you need local resources to help you understand the orders and enforcements in your state. The child support lawyers at Fennell, Briasco & Associates can help you find the best solution for your case during this stressful time.

Child Support Worksheets

The best way to get started with child support is to calculate how much you should expect to pay. A Georgia Child Support Worksheet will help you with these calculations. Keep in mind that this worksheet will look different from state to state, as orders and enforcements for child support vary across the country. Fennell, Briasco & Associates can help you with your child support worksheet thanks to our extensive experience in family law.

Child Support Calculators

To get an accurate estimate of your payments based on your state’s guidelines, you need a Georgia child support calculator. The child support calculator at Fennell, Briasco & Associates is an important tool that will help you know what to expect when preparing to plan for this extra expense in your monthly costs. Although your final child support payments may differ from this calculator, this tool will help you stay informed and educated about your situation. If you have any questions about your child support calculator results, contact the team at Fennell, Briasco & Associates.

Finding A Child Support Attorney Near You

When you are dealing with GA child support proceedings, it’s important to have a knowledgeable law firm on your side. At Fennell, Briasco & Associates, we have a team of family lawyers that can help you in your case. Whether you need a child custody attorney or a child support expert, we are here to help you.

Contact us today for assistance with your child support questions and needs. We can help you understand Georgia’s child support guidelines. 770-956-4030

Frequently Asked Questions about Child Support

How does child support work?

Child support orders and enforcements vary from state to state, but most states calculate child support using a child support calculator that factors in the incomes of both parties and certain expenses for the child. To navigate Georgia’s child support guidelines, contact the experts at Fennell, Briasco & Associates. 770-956-4030

How do I file for child support in GA?

This will depend upon your situation.  In divorce and custody cases, child support is always part of the equation.  Other circumstances may warrant filing for child support through the State child support services agency. For questions about which avenue is right for you, contact Fennell, Briasco & Associates at 770-956-4030

What does child support cover?

Although this varies from state to state, child support typically covers a broad range of costs, including basic necessities for the child, clothing, work-related childcare, insurance premiums for the cost of the child’s medical coverage, extracurricular activities, and other expenses that directly benefit the child.