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The Compassion and Commitment Behind FBA Law: A Q&A With Caryn Fennell

There are family lawyers who stand out not just for their legal expertise but also for their unwavering dedication to their client’s well-being. FBA Law Firm is an exceptional establishment, known for their compassion, commitment, and fierceness in advocating for their clients. ClickReady Marketing had the privilege to sit down with Caryn Fennell, the Woodstock family law attorney who is the driving force behind FBA Law, to learn about her journey into the world of law and how her firm has grown into the incredible institution it is today.

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What made you want to go into law? What did your journey look like to get where you are today?

Caryn Fennell: My parents told me from an early age that my often maddening (to them) ability to argue a circle into a square should lead me to the law. At the age of 10, I found myself sneaking into a courtroom, captivated by the legal proceedings. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a part of this world. My path took a detour as I pursued my Master’s degree and then Ph. D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology, followed by a career in Corporate America.

In 2006, I revisited my passion for law and enrolled in law school. Afterward, I officially entered the legal profession, swearing into the Bar Association and Georgia Courts in 2010, the same year I founded FBA Law. The courtroom’s electric atmosphere and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of families drew me to family and juvenile law. Our goal at FBA Law is to alleviate the pain of our clients through fair judgments and reasonable parenting plans.

What does being a family lawyer mean to you?

Caryn Fennell: The sense of pride and meaning that becoming a family lawyer continues to give me is profound. The families we work for are involved in some of the most emotionally challenging moments of their lives. When clients come to us, their life as they knew it is changing on a permanent basis. Some parents in custody actions will no longer greet their children at the bus stop every day, or see their children run through the door with artwork from school or an award from an event or extracurricular activity. They may no longer tuck their children in for bed each night as they have become accustomed. For many, the worst noise in their life will be the silence of their children’s voices that used to fill every corner of their home. These are the pains of parents and the reasons we work hard for them. It is our job to lessen this pain through fair judgments and reasonable parenting plans that make sense.

Other cases, like divorces when there are no children involved, are sometimes welcomed for a few, but more often are emotionally and financially catastrophic. Spouses are afraid of life on their own. They wonder how they will pay their bills, or have sufficient financial resources to care for their future needs. While taking a fresh step into a new life can often be wonderful, the path to the same can be heavy with the baggage of divorce. Our job is to lessen the load, guide our clients, provide counsel and support, and help craft the most fair and reasonable outcomes to protect our client’s needs and interests.

Helping families and children in the law, while challenging, is also awe-inspiring. Family lawyers impact the futures of all those involved in family law challenges. How a case is resolved today will change a child’s life forever, and perhaps even their children’s lives. Being a competent, compassionate, and zealous advocate for your client is legacy work worth being proud of every single day.


What did FBA Law’s beginnings look like? How did it grow into the incredible firm it is today?

Caryn Fennell: FBA Law had humble beginnings. I opened the firm in November 2010, with just a $20-per-month Magicjack phone in a small office in Canton, Georgia. My mentor, David Cannon Sr., played a pivotal role in opening doors and tackling legal challenges alongside me. Over the years, I expanded my solo practice to a law firm by adding a top-notch Senior Paralegal in 2016 and our first lawyer in the same year.

In late 2018, something unexpected happened—I formed a partnership. While I had been wary of partnerships, working with Attorney Lacey Briasco showed me that we were a perfect match for an extraordinary number of reasons. We complement each other’s styles, share our passion and dedication to our work, and remain laser focused on our mission. So, we officially became Fennell, Briasco & Associates in January 2019. Since then, we have continued to excel and thrive as a mid-sized firm.


Has FBA Law ever had any obstacles in its growth? If so, how did you overcome them?

Caryn Fennell: Fortunately, we haven’t encountered significant obstacles that would derail our growth. We’ve experienced the usual bumps in the road, but our dedication to hard work and delivering high-quality results has led to substantial growth and an upward trajectory.


Why does FBA Law matter to you?

Caryn Fennell: It is our lifeblood. It is what we do and in part, it is who we are as people. This company is a reflection of self. We have high standards and our success matters to real people, living real lives, who are trying to raise children, run businesses, and live normal lives. Our ability to deliver on our promises impacts the emotional and financial well-being of our clients, their families, their children, and the many lives they influence now and in the future. What we do is important, and any failure to recognize the gravity of our influence as family lawyers would mean we are detached from the human impact of our work. Such a failure will never be acceptable to me as a person or a professional.


What sets FBA Law apart from other law firms? Why should people pick FBA Law?

Caryn Fennell: We believe what sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs, our dedication to excellence, and our commitment to fair play. People should choose FBA Law because we’re not just legal practitioners—we’re partners in our clients’ journeys, fighting tirelessly for their rights and well-being.


How do you ensure that your clients trust you and are comfortable giving you control of their cases?

Caryn Fennell: We prioritize open communication, even when delivering difficult news. We are committed to continued education and staying current with the latest legal developments to provide our clients with the most comprehensive advice. Our client testimonials attest to our honesty and dedication.


Which areas of law, family or probate, are more popular with your clients, and why do you think people choose FBA Law for their family/probate legal issues?

Caryn Fennell: Both family and probate law are crucial, and they serve different needs. It’s hard to compare the popularity of these areas. People choose FBA Law because our client testimonials reflect our honesty, competence, and dedication. We speak the truth to our clients, even when it may be painful or what a client would rather not hear. We take our continuing education seriously, so our clients are always receiving the most current, thorough, and comprehensive advice or litigation strategies.


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FBA Law Firm, with its core values of compassion, commitment, and fierceness, stands as a beacon of hope and support in the legal world. Caryn Fennell’s journey from an early fascination with the courtroom to founding a thriving law firm reflects her unrelenting dedication to making a difference in the lives of her clients. Choosing a Marietta family lawyer from FBA Law means choosing a team of competent, compassionate, and committed lawyers who truly understand the gravity of their work and its impact on the lives of real people.