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The Good, The Bad, and The Dirty: Why You Should Be Up Front With Your Divorce Attorney

When speaking to your divorce attorney, you should understand that full disclosure is one of the best decisions you can make. You should be able to tell your divorce attorney the truth and nothing but the truth to ensure that they are adequately equipped with all the needed information to protect your rights.

Taking into consideration that the issues concerning your divorce are personal, you may feel the need to protect your privacy by holding back on some important information, this however, could make the process a lot more difficult. Keeping information from your attorney may in fact hurt your case more that you ever expected.

Before deciding on opening up in full or withholding information from your attorney, it is important that you understand the implications of withholding information and how it can harm you case, and your future, in the long run.

Why should I tell my attorney everything?

When filing for divorce in GA, it is paramount to tell your attorney everything about your divorce case. It is a great way to prepare their minds to support and represent your interest at all times both in and out of the court. Telling the attorney all there is allows you to better trust them while also giving them the power to establish a firm, effective, and fool-proof strategy which will not be damaged along the line with new information which you should have volunteered. It is important that you understand that the strength of the case is dependent on the amount of information which you have volunteered to your divorce attorney.

When opening up to your attorney feels awkward

Opening up on personal information can sometimes be embarrassing, and more so, sharing details about your marriage life and intimate life with your partner can also be unsettling. However, the job of the attorney isn’t to make you feel uncomfortable; instead, their job is to carefully evaluate all information which you have provided to ensure that your rights remain protected both within and outside the courtroom. Be informed that everything shared with your attorney will not be revealed to another party based on the attorney-client confidentiality oath.

What type of information should be shared with an attorney?

Before meeting with your divorce attorney, it is recommended that you keep yourself organized both in mind and body to enable you carefully articulate your points and touch on the most important information which are legally useful. It is also recommended that you think about the information which can come back to haunt you in the event you fail to open up.

When speaking with the attorney, the important information to volunteer include whether or not you or your spouse have been financially dishonest, have had an affair, verbal or domestic abuse, have you or your partner issued public statement on the divorce on social media?, any instances of threats or violence towards partner or children? And more.

This information is important to build your case, GA Child Support Worksheet, and also to help your attorney better prepare defenses in the event you have committed any of the above listed offenses or more.

If you are unsure as regards the extent of information to provide your divorce attorney, you can have the attorney pose questions for you to answer.

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