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In some cases, the judicial process extends far beyond the initial trial or hearing. In some circumstances, the victor may instigate an appeal if he or she feels the ruling was unjust. In the event of an appeal, the decision of the lower court will be carefully examined by a higher court, which will then choose to either overturn or reaffirm a ruling.

Appealing the decision of a court is a complex process and must be handled by an experienced team of legal experts if the desired result is to be obtained. Caryn Fennell has worked extensively on appellate cases and have aided dozens of satisfied clients in battles against unjust verdicts and unduly harsh sentences.

Among the many areas in which our dedicated attorneys have successfully sought reversed rulings are:

Marital property division

Barring a few rare cases, hearings concerning the division of marital property will generally see one party unhappy with the final ruling. If you have reason to believe you were treated unfairly during divorce proceedings and wish to launch an appeal against the court’s decision regarding the division of marital property, Fennell, Briasco, & Associates will be there to represent you. We are a local business, not a money-driven mega-firm, and we value the happiness and comfort of each client. We know how difficult divorce can be and recognize that the accompanying proceedings can leave you feeling drained. We work to make marital property division appeals as straightforward as possible and vow to handle your case with confidentiality and sensitivity.

Child support

Since its inception, Fennell, Briasco, & Associates has acted as a voice for those tasked with paying a child support sum exceeding what they can afford. When child support becomes a cause of friction between parents, it can have adverse effects not just on the competing parties, but also on the child or children in question. When a young child witnesses conflict between their parents, their chance of developing mental health issues in later life dramatically increases. In order to avoid putting children through the often traumatic experience of a custody or child support battle, our legal experts strive to bring a swift end to appeals concerning such matters, while simultaneously fighting for a solution which benefits all involved.


Similar to the issue of child support, the issue of visitation can cause a great deal of acrimony between recently separated parents. For the sake of the child, all parties should seek a speedy resolution to visitation disagreements, as a prolonged case can result in the child being without a parent for an extended period of time, which can halt development. Should you be struck with a ruling unjustly limiting your access to your child, our dedicated team of seasoned specialists will work tirelessly on your appeal in order to overturn the decision and put you back in your child’s life, where you belong.

A final word

An appeal should be viewed as a worst-case scenario measure and should never be embarked upon without careful consideration. An ill-planned appeal will leave you out of pocket and, more importantly, without your desired result. When all other avenues have been explored and exhausted, family law attorney Caryn Fennell will guide you through the process of launching an appeal and will be with you every step of the way, fighting for you right up to the moment the higher court reaches its decision. Call our law firm today at (770) 956-4030 for a free consultation.

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